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This site is dedicated to the music of Mark Sipin, a Multi Instrumentalist/Songwriter/Producer/Engineer.  Mark is a veteran performer who's work has been seen and heard on television, radio and in movies. He's performed on stages around the globe, and is currently recording and performing as a solo artist. He sings and plays all the instruments on these songs. There are no drum samples or loops, nor are there any keyboards.

Originally from Chicago, Illinois, where he started out as a drummer in a Rush style power trio, he learned to write and record with the band while only 17, and was playing guitar in blues clubs in the city at night. His world  travels eventually led him to Pittsburgh, PA, where he currently resides and has a state of the art 32 track digital studio, Cistern Studios.

Mix the gritty, street tough, authentic electric Chicago blues of Muddy Waters, the intense progressive rhythms of Rush, mix it with the Steel City vibe, throw in what he picked up in his travels across the globe, and you have a unique blend of progressive, heavy yet accessible modern classic rock. Mark is unique in that he is the only musician, so the songs remain true to themselves. Like a painter, Mark  shades each song with the sounds that it needs, shaping ideas into cohesive statements. Fast as lightning guitar solos on top of funky, ass kicking bass and intense drum tracks......that's his music. Unreal. Unreal because it's all one guy!! AND IT KICKS MAJOR ASS!!!

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